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Make Sure Your Foundations Are Solid

As a building material, concrete offers some key benefits. When correctly mixed and poured, this substance furnishes long lasting, exceedingly durable support. Concrete typically withstands the impacts of water and weather better than many other types of popular construction materials. It also usually costs less to utilize on a per square foot basis than metal, wood, or most stone products. If you desire skilled concrete construction assistance, Rio Bonito Construction should be your contractor of choice.

In addition to superior knowledge and experience in the concrete contracting industry, Rio Bonito Construction provides state-of-the-art concrete pouring techniques using today’s most comprehensive equipment. Concrete needs to be poured at proper temperatures and the composition of the concrete is thoroughly checked before pouring begins. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your final product is built to last. Our driveways, dams, retaining walls,  foundations, sidewalks, stairs and patios will stand the test of time and will need very little maintenance. We provide quick and reliable service and our concrete structures will last for years. There is no job that is too large for our crew.


Most properties nowadays are set up by having a solid foundation to work with that can withstand the weight of whatever it will be that is resting on top of the plot of land. Whether that be a home, a business, a barn, a garage, a shed, even a pool, the best method of setting up a sturdy surface for a structure to sit on has been installing a concrete foundation.

Depending upon the weight of structural project that will be on top, it is important to consider the depth of the concrete foundation necessary for it to provide proper support.

We have installed various types of concrete slabs for foundations for many different types of purposes, and are familiar with creating the proper kind of foundation that will protect whatever lies above the concrete, as well as ensuring that the slab will remain strong for years to come.

Foundational work encompasses the broad range of trench footings, stair towers, retaining walls, column bases and bridges. The experienced professionals on our crew have the capability to accommodate the difficult structures and architectural challenges found in commercial concrete projects.

We provide in-house excavation as well as layout services ensuring that project timelines are met and the project moves forward to completion.

Concrete Retaining Walls

The first and foremost benefit of installing a retaining wall is it provides structural support to the property. In most landscapes having small hills, a retaining wall may hold back soil to reach to a house or building. It provides structural support as it plays an important role in keeping soil in place. 

They are placed in areas where you want to separate parts of your property. You can add them to protect sloping areas from landslides or erosion. If you have hills on your property, you can use these to alter their landscape. While protecting the property, a wall also adds to the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Properly placed retaining walls will improve your visual appeal and will also increase land value.

This can be added to existing properties or new construction. Our design team will design the most efficient walls that will protect your property and beautify it. We can add them to reinforce slopes or dangerous areas of your property. You can use it to provide boundaries around your property or to add privacy. Our concrete retaining walls will provide a cost-effective solution that will beautify and protect your structures or home.



Let our team beautify and make your property safer with new concrete sidewalks. Sidewalks around your home will provide safe walking space for your friends, neighbors and family. They will beautify your property and increase its value as well. New sidewalks around your business will improve your curb appeal and could encourage customers to visit your property. It will also provide safe walking space for your customers and employees. We are available today to install sidewalks and walkways for your new construction or existing property.


There are many materials that your driveway can be made of. Concrete provides a cost-effective solution that will look amazing for years. It is one of the most durable construction materials and it will last for years. It is also incredibly versatile. We can design driveways in any shape and size. It is also cost-effective compared to other building materials. Concrete can handle very heavy loads and will not be damaged from vehicles. This makes it an ideal building material for driveways, loading docks and parking lots. Concrete can also add flair to your property.

Patios and Stairs

Our team can create stunning outdoor kitchens, living spaces, pool patios, stairs and more.

You’ve decided to build a new patio. Why should you choose concrete? Concrete is one of the most durable building materials for its price. A concrete patio could easily last over fifty years with minimal repairs. It is a cost-effective material as well. You will save money over wood, brick or stone patios. We offer a variety of finishes and stamps that can also beautify your concrete. You don’t have to settle for plain grey concrete. Concrete can easily be shaped into almost any shape. We can pour concrete to match your home with ease. Your options are almost endless when you use concrete as a building material for your patio.

Concrete steps and stairways are one of the most conspicuous features at the entryway of any property, although too often they get demoted to simply functional status. Magnificently elevated concrete steps or stairs are pleasantly striking and can act as a focal point of any entrance. To add a touch of decorative nature to the concrete stairways, a combination of staining & stamping patterns can possibly be used to accentuate your signature taste and property.

Boat Ramps

Concrete is by far the best surface to use for a boat ramp because of its hard, unyielding surface. Boaters know that to be true from experience. Concrete doesn’t shift like gravel or dirt, won’t form ruts that will trap your tires and won’t “ball up” behind the powerful force of your boat’s propeller. Concrete ramps are more difficult to create than stone or compressed dirt, require proper planning, and special equipment.

We have the know-how and equipment to construct high-quality functional boat ramps. 

Dams & Retention Walls


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